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Our Vision

TLG's vision is to act as a trusted partner for workplace training by providing expert advice, cost effective technologies and high quality production of e-learning materials.

TLG has two core goals:

  • Helping organizations translate boardroom vision into frontline action
  • Providing access to learning opportunities for learners who wouldn't otherwise have access to such opportunities

TLG's core values include:

  • Teamwork:We will work with each other and our customers to solve problems and drive value.
  • Respect:We will respect ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers.
  • Honesty:We will provide the best option or solution to our customers even if that option is another product or service.
  • Integrity:We will say what we mean, mean what we say, and do what we say we will do.
  • Quality:We will work within a framework of continuous improvement, according to the standards and commitments we set for ourselves and for our customers.

Educational principles

We've built e-Learning systems of all sizes, across a broad range of industries, and have learned the importance of relying on proven educational techniques. We are guided by a set of three simple but powerful principles that are sure to help you reach your goals.

Organizational Goals Drive Learning Outcomes

Training should help organizations meet business goals. Whether improving customer satisfaction, meeting compliance requirements, enhancing leadership skills, or implementing new manufacturing procedures, your learning system will be better if it links to your organization's goals. A well-designed learning system is a lean and effective organizational tool.

Learning Goals Define the Methodology

Performance improvement happens when learners are asked to do more than remember the simple facts and figures, when they have the choice in how to learn—reading, listening, watching, doing, interacting with others, and applying their knowledge in real situations. Learning systems are more effective when they present rich interactive environments, provide the right mix of knowledge aquisition and challenge and combine individual activities with team challenges to produce a cycle of continuous learning.

Results Drive Improvement

Learning systems work when they improve what people do. Knowing the right thing is happening at the right time is as important as making it happen. Measurement that goes beyond course completion reports to the learning gain, knowledge retention, transfer to the workplace, and return on investment makes a well-designed and constantly improving learning system—one that will make your organization effective.

Educational Solutions

TLG’s three business divisions provide solutions in key learning system areas including:

  • Custom learning content development including both new online course development and course transition
  • E-Learning software development and deployment including learning management, exam management, and workplace skill assessment and inventory systems
  • E-Learning consulting services including overall learning system design and strategy, job and essential skills profiling, content and learning model audits, learning technology plans, e-Learning mentoring, certification and compliance program development and internal production team development

Our Clientele

TLG’s clients are drawn from a diverse set of industries including: Life Sciences, Food Processing, Agriculture, Healthcare, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Tourism and Retail. As well, TLG provides services to governments, not-for-profit organizations and sector-based associations.

TLG also serves a range of discrete learning communities online such as Internationally Trained Professionals, English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners and Aboriginal learners. TLG integrates and addresses broader workplace learning issues such as Essential Skills, e-portfolio development, prior learning assessment, high stakes exam management and language assessment.